Leo Abrahams "Halo Effect" (Crewdson remix)

Leo Abrahams 'Halo Effect' (Crewdson remix)
UK producer, writer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Leo Abrahams has collaborated with an extensive list of impressive musicians that includes Brian Eno, Pulp's Jarvis Cocker, Florence and the Machine, the Libertines' Carl Barât, and even Paul Simon. But now, he's turning the spotlight on himself for an upcoming solo record.
Ahead of the album's arrival, Abrahams is putting out a four-song single for "Halo Effect" — and Exclaim! has got the premiere of an exclusive remix track that will be included on the upcoming release.
The new cut hears Matthew Herbert collaborator Crewdson reimagining "Halo Effect," and according to a press release, running it "through a sonic kaleidoscope, shattering the track into a 1000 brilliant fragments." Despite the new version being driven by warbling digitized synths, the song still retains the song's hook-y structure — and you can hear it right now in the player below.
The new record is expected out in November through Lo Recordings.