Leo Abrahams "Chain" (ft. Brian Eno)

Leo Abrahams 'Chain' (ft. Brian Eno)
As previously reported, Leo Abrahams has roped in a number of guest artists for his next album, including regular collaborator Brian Eno. Their track together, titled "Chain," is now streaming ahead of Daylight's November 20 due date via Lo Recordings.

As you'll hear down below, the track is an electro-acoustic dance jam full of breezy synths, plucked strings, and soda-fizzy drum programming.

Following its intro, a chorus of multitracked Eno's are ushered in to give the track a booming, logic-juxtaposing hook ("I hate when I love you"), before various vocal tones are chopped, distorted, twisted and set free.

Abrahams said in a statement of the team-up:

"The sound of Brian's stacked vocals is, for me, one of the greatest sounds in music history. On 'Chain' I originally sang all the vocals myself, but as a result of some unconscious plagiarism people started saying it reminded them of Brian! So I asked him to do it, and the end result is both of us singing together. He is very generous with his time and, luckily for me, loves to sing."