Lemon Jelly Kentish Town Forum, London UK - March 8, 2003

With the recent success of Lost Horizons, a lot is expected of UK chill-out duo Lemon Jelly. Playing three straight nights, which doesn't include a show just for children, which included clowns, acrobats and inflatables, the band is riding a huge wave. Upon entering the venue, one received a "Lucky Bag" with goodies, such as a balloon, a badge and a Lemon Jelly Doodle Maker (pencil). As the lights go out and the balloons fly, a Frank Capra film of the same name as their album announces that something big is about to happen, but as the duo of Nick Franglen and Fred Deakin take the stage, you begin to wonder if it's just the two that will carry the show. As it turns out, the two of them is all the show needs. Beginning with "Space Walk," which features Deakin on cello and Franglen on acoustic guitar, the stage becomes a setting for light sabre-like vertical lights that change from red to blue to green. Stars appear all around and the effect of space is very much upon the audience. Though much of the music appears to be pre-recorded, it's still magical. This includes the recent B-side "Soft," a crowd favourite, which samples the Chicago classic "If You Leave Me Now" and inspires the duo to hold up lighters and hug and sway. After the two toss out tooth gum candies to the crowd (to promote healthy gums), "Nice Weather For Ducks" comes on to the warmest reception all night. Displaying the fantastic video for the song on the giant background screen, Deakin and Franglen have the entire 1,000-plus Forum in the palm of their hand. With a strong focus on presentation and some treats all around, Lemon Jelly made a typical concert something special, proving that electronic music can succeed in a live setting without consisting of two guys standing behind laptops.