Legend of the Seagullmen "The Deep-Sea Diver" / "Ships Wreck"

Legend of the Seagullmen 'The Deep-Sea Diver' / 'Ships Wreck'
When not slinging riffs with Mastodon or carving, uh, wooden ding-a-lings, Brett Hinds can be found playing the role of Captain Red-Beard in nautically-themed project Legend of the Seagullmen. He also plays guitar, and can be found on two newly surfaced singles from the band.

As you'll find in the streams down below, "The Deep-Sea Diver" is anchored by spaghetti western licks, chain gang chants, and a murky narrative about the wave-crashing titular character. "Ships Wreck" filters in fog horn-heavy synth work, the haunting honk of high-flying seagulls, and a much crunchier set of rock riffs to support a story about hurricane-force winds assaulting a blessed vessel.

The project also has Tool's Danny Carey contributing drums, and includes work from OFF!'s Dimitri Coats.

You'll find both shanties streaming on the group's site, over here.