Leech Woman Uncertainty Device #26573

Leech Woman, conjurors of industrial music from the UK, present us with a remix album (never a good sign). Like most remix albums, Uncertainty Device #26573 has a typical range of overly drawn-out tracks. Amidst the clutter however, there are quite a few solid selections too. The disc features mixes by 18 underground artists, each spewing out their unique visions for the Leech Woman tracks. Most notably, the album features three mixes of Leech Woman’s "Tool” that are so distinct there is barely evidence they originate from the same song (the heaviest and most satisfying being Tarantella Serpentine’s mix). Uncertainty Device #26573 also beautifully highlights Leech Woman’s usage of traditional industrial elements, such as the hammers pounding steel accentuated in Aphasic’s "Breaker (I Am No Longer Remix).” Technically and stylistically speaking, this album is as commercially appealing as Jeffery Dahmer selling meat products. It’s a mechanical and raw sound that’s tribally rhythmic and futuristically aggressive. A definite asset for anybody looking for some unique industrial fury. (Wasp Factory)