Leather Jacuzzi

"Gloved Hand Holding Caviar"

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jun 5, 2017

Considering the fact that they're spread out across the country, it's a miracle that punkers Leather Jacuzzi manage to keep kicking out the jams. The quartet features members of bands like Feel Alright, the Mandates and Gawker, and despite their cross-country membership they've managed to crank out another tape.

The band's sophomore release follows last year's Monsters, Narcs and Idiots with the appropriately titled Slander, Lies and Soda. Speaking of the release, singer Sarah Ford said, "The four songs on this new tape take you from a pleather pit of relaxation to an operating table and into the world of glove obsession, all while being the mouth piece for a sentient hot tub that cannot be properly described in this specific dimension."

Before the tape lands on Planet of the Tapes, Exclaim! is proud to premiere the ridiculously raucous "Gloved Hand Holding Caviar." Stream it below, where you'll also find Leather Jacuzzi's forthcoming tour dates.

Tour dates:

06/15 Toronto, ON - EURO Sports Bar
06/16 Montreal, QC - *Secret Location*
06/17 Ottawa, ON - Club SAW (Ottawa Explosion Weekend)
06/19 Toronto, ON - Faith/Void
06/22 Calgary, AB - Sloth Records (Sled Island)
06/25 Calgary, AB - Palomino (Sled Island)
06/29 Calgary, AB - Good Life Community Bike Shop
06/30 Edmonton, AB - Bohemia

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