Lazarus Songs For An Unborn Sun

Shedding his skin as a key member of Tarental and the Drift, troubadour Trevor Montgomery has found his niche with the comfortable Lazarus. A one-man project helped out by Marty Anderson of Howard Hello, Lazarus gently introduces acoustic ambience with a touch of electronic intimacy. Songs For An Unborn Sun is a tender collection of songs filled with sadness and haunting vacancy. Montgomery’s instrumental approach is an unconventional one, using the acoustic guitar as a tool for experimentation by cutting and pasting chords, as well as surrounding it with surreal synths and raw backing vocals that would scare even the Danielson Famile. Not exactly the innocent, ballad-filled album it first appears to be, Lazarus’ Songs For An Unborn Sun is a refreshing, challenging and quite inventive piece of art. (Temporary Residence)