Lazarazu Floodlit

Floodlit is the debut disc from an interesting assortment of Canadian talent. Lazarazu matches Tom Ferris of Econoline Crush fame and wife Julie Ferris, with Kevin Kane from the Grapes of Wrath. The result is an ambitious pop album backed up by a blend of ambient synthesisers, stalking vocals, and the occasional guitar accompaniment. The trio put forth a respectable effort for a first attempt. "If” contains catchy elements of traditional synth pop, while "Scatterbugs” is a more fluffy techno-based song. Overall, Lazarazu’s Floodlit offers up a darker sound from the members’ previous associations. Floodlit’s problem, however, is a lack of vivacity throughout the album. Possibly the group is spreading themselves thin with other projects, or possibly they are still getting used to translating their sound to disc (this is a self-produced effort). Whatever the case, Lazarazu attempts to present a passionate musical experience. (Independent)