Layo and Bushwacka!/Various All Night Long

Tons of nightclubs have attempted to brand themselves (and make a quick buck) by releasing tenuously-related records, but Layo and Bushwacka’s latest is more justified than most since the duo actually own the establishment in question — The End, a relatively small but highly influential London tech-house haven. The acclaimed producers deliver a two-CD set reflecting the progressive spinning policy of their "All Night Long” monthly — funk, electro, soul, acid house, hip-hop, Detroit techno, breaks and whathaveyou. Though the first disc is a little more living room paced than the four-on-the-floor propulsion of the second, the pair are a seamless match that gleefully jumps genres, eras and tempos while including everyone from Carl Craig’s disco-fied Detroit Experiment, a remixed (and almost unrecognisable) Depeche Mode and a pitched-up Orbital to a skittish 4 Hero, an anthemic Agoria and a bizarro Sly & the Family Stone "live re-edit”. Surprisingly, this is their mix-disc debut but it sure-as-hell leaves you wondering what else they’ve got in their crates. (The End)