Layne Staley's Mother Sues Surviving Members of Alice in Chains

Layne Staley's Mother Sues Surviving Members of Alice in Chains
Alice in Chains frontman Layne Staley died in 2002, but his ex-bandmates have since reassembled without him, and this month the reconfigured band will release their second post-reunion record, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. As they attempt to press ahead, the group now must contend with a lawsuit from Staley's mother, Nancy McCallum, who is suing the surviving members over royalty disputes.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed May 2 in King County Superior Court, she deserves half of the money owed to Staley (that is, about 16 percent of the band's income), the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. She contends that Alice in Chains have attempted to sever the money sharing agreement that has been in place for the past decade.

What's more, McCallum is apparently attempting to trademark the name Alice in Chains, and the band are threatening to counter with legal action of their own. According to the group, an accountant valued Staley's posthumous earnings at $341,000, while the singer's heirs have allegedly been paid almost double — about $705,000.

The band's lawyer, Peter Paterno, told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that Staley's heirs would continue to receive royalty payments on songs that the late singer wrote or co-wrote. McCallum, however, would be removed from the group's business dealings.

This apparently isn't enough for McCallum, who is seeking a court order guaranteeing her 16 percent of the band's income, in additional to any of her son's assets in the band's possession.

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