Lavender Diamond The Cavalry of Light

Though only four songs in length, this EP packs plenty of punch due to one blindingly integral element: Becky Stark’s incredible voice. Possessing a ragged clarity to her high notes, yet also evoking a somewhat cabaret romanticism, it accompanies the loose background music perfectly, making this band’s future an intriguing prospect. Take the standout opener, "You Broke My Heart,” which starts with a steady beat, yet picks up the pace so as it almost seems to be falling apart at the end, nicely alluding to both the lyrics and to Stark’s pining and hurtful delivery. Even when the tempo goes down and it becomes jazzier, like "Please,” Stark’s voice turns down the pitch to a more listenable croon. However, the real clue to how this band will carve a path through the indie pack comes in the last two songs that remind of the theatricality and heady romanticism of the Decemberists. Where that band fulfil their vision with literary overload, Lavender Diamond are more subtle and reminds of the perfect pop clarity of the Decemberists rather than the clever wordplay. Lovely and charming, this is definitely a band that will enchant us in the future. (Independent)