Laurent Garnier Public Outburst

Finding commonality between two styles as distinct as electronic music and jazz might seem daunting to some but it comes with such ease to DJ/producer Laurent Garnier that the timely release of Public Outburst seems only natural. This double album boasts seven studio tracks featuring Begge Wesseltoft and Benjamin Rippert on keys, Philippe Nadaud on brass and of course, Garnier doing what he does best, while the second disc contains live video footage. Garnier has done a gorgeous job melding triumphant horns with soulful keys, as the sound sublimely progresses to brazen electronic. Brilliant song transitions take the listener from one extreme to the next before skilfully coming full circle, the album seeming to end almost where it started. The first two tracks fill the listener with jazz-infused awe before incorporating brass, world beats, rumbling bass and techno on "Controlling the M House” and "The Battle.” The numerous textures and backgrounds coming together make for a general ambiance riddled with keys, horns and expressive electronic music. (F Communications/Beggars)