Last of the Juanitas In the Dirt

Delivering an album with ten songs and only running about 25 minutes in length, Last of the Juanitas serve up auditory delicacies that focus on quality, rather than quantity. Featuring Lana Rebel’s echoing vocals and light-speed bass, Johnny Schier’s freestyle drumming and Maurice "Bryan” Giles as the guitar/vocal glue that holds this album together, In the Dirt is a delicious slice of rock’n’roll fury. Originally hailing from Tucson, Arizona the group now reside in San Diego and their influences appear to be quite varied. With songs ranging from the twangy country influence on "Baghdad,” to the rock fury of "Human Cattail,” these guys are wonderfully unprocessed. Hell, "Smashed by Nothing” is even reminiscent of Black Flag. This might be a disc that requires repeated listening, but if you give it a chance, you will realise there is decent album here. (Wäntage USA)