Lapalux "Don't Mean a Thing"

Lapalux 'Don't Mean a Thing'
UK electronic music maker Lapalux returns with Lustmore this spring, and in anticipation of the impending release, he's offered up a new track called "Don't Mean a Thing."
It recently premiered on Flying Lotus's BBC Radio residency, which doesn't come as too much of surprise since FlyLo signed Lapalux to his Brainfeeder imprint back in 2010.
As previously reported, the artist's forthcoming sophomore LP is loosely based on hypnogogia — the "limbo between being awake and being asleep." The new material also draws heavily on cinematic inspiration, with Lapalux looking to old film soundtracks and trying to keep his own music in line with something that could accompany Blade Runner or 2001: A Space Oddyssey.
As for "Don't Mean a Thing" specifically, a press release describes the new track as "a warped love song with a throbbing underlying bass and cool synths," delivering  "yet another genre-blending piece of fire from the London-based producer."
You can give it a listen for yourself in the player below. Lustmore arrives on April 7 via Brainfeeder.