Landesvatter Lax

Lax is the second full-length for Landesvatter on the German label Normoton. Signature minimal beats sweep through jazzy soundscapes and cut-up guitar arpeggios, attending to a fluctuating contrast between sounds of a barren, empty space and the infinite possibilities of micro-textured detail that can occur in the very same space. Lax intimates a distinct sound, reminiscent of the warm glitch of Farben’s album Textstar: careful attention to atmospheric noise and explorations of sonic compression, both laid within jazz influences of funky bass breakdowns, melodic xylophones in a minor scale, distorted horns and splattering of piano. It’s almost as if you climbed inside and deconstructed a jazz composition. The track entitled "BER.” is exceptional, fully equipped with a slap bass line. The deep and hypnotising production provides smooth transitions between minimal tech-house and sprawling experimental down-tempo rhythms making this album a pleasurable listen on lazy Sunday afternoon. (Th!nk)