Land Shark Land Shark

Lance De Sardi began making industrial music in the early ’90s and since then has hooked up with San Francisco house heads, JT Donaldson, Seasons and Om Records, releasing many great twelve-inch records and mixes. Working as Land Shark, Lance has put together and album that blends influences of electro and pop/rock with house music for his debut full-length album. Largely a body of work that will appeal to more adventurous house music lovers, there are some really great songs on this album and, unfortunately, just as many mediocre cuts. The moments where Land Shark bites the sweetest are when electro and house combine to create an ass-shaking, retro-futuristic groove, like on "Slippage 1.0.” Another standout is "Dangerous,” which is reminiscent of something that Derrick Carter would produce, with its chunky beat, melancholy melody and spoken word poetry as the vocals. "Shake Me” is a rocking vocal track with a deep, grinding electro bass line that gets deliciously noisy and super intense at the peak, making it stand out significantly from the rest of the album. "Tie Me Up” is an electro house song with S&M lyrics, freaky enough to bring all the freaks on the dance floor to a boil. With at least four unique, electro inspired house cuts, DJs worth their weight in vinyl will want to own this record and play it over and over in the months to come. (Om)