Lackthereof Your Anchor

The sneaky thing about Danny Seim’s solo project is that it actually predates his involvement in Menomena. So is that band the side project or what? The next sneaky bit is that this is actually the ninth release for Lackthereof, so it’s unsurprising the songs are anything but half-finished band cast-offs. In relation to last year’s Friend and Foe for Menomena, Your Anchor oscillates a little less wildly. The songs click together like puzzle pieces revealing a minimalist artwork that’s still rich in colours and layers. There are little hints of Hayden in the laidback vocal delivery but also something a little more sophisticated below the surface. The prevailing mood is sunny summer songs for people who actually prefer the beach after dark. Seim’s apparent ease with all the instruments, coupled with enough good taste to avoid excessive overdubbing, makes this the least solo-sounding solo album possible. The last sneaky trick he pulls is capping this half-hour of songs with a cover of "Fake Empire,” a track from last year’s album by the National, and making it an untroubled fit. (Barsuk)