La Sera Recruits Ryan Adams to Produce New LP

La Sera Recruits Ryan Adams to Produce New LP
When she's not writing videogame code, former Vivian Girl Katy Goodman has kept plenty busy with her La Sera project. Last year, she delivered the Hour of the Dawn LP, and she's got another prepped for the spring of 2016.

The release is called Music for Listening to Music To and was recorded with Ryan Adams. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Adams explains that he tracked the album at his Pax-Am studio in the week between Coachella bookings earlier this year. "I wanted to [record the La Sera album] so bad that we did it on the only eight-day break that my band had in something like two-and-a-half months," he said.

As Goodman added, that meant a lot of first-take recordings. "Ryan would be like, 'That was perfect,' and listening back, even a week later, he was always right."

Not only did the session result in the new album, but it also inspired Adams' viral Taylor Swift cover album. La Sera guitarist, vocalist and full-time member Todd "Totally Tod" Wisenbaker bonded with Adams over their love of the Smiths, and they opted to jam after the recording was complete. From there, they ended up recording 1989 together.

La Sera's Music for Listening to Music To will arrive in March of 2016. It marks the band's first release for Polyvinyl after a long stint on Hardly Art. Watch a one-minute trailer for the album below.