La Querelle

Home, A Beautiful Place to Get Lost

BY Branan RanjanathanPublished Apr 4, 2015

Montreal's La Querelle have put forth a rich and dense homage to '90s emo with their latest release, Home, A Beautiful Place to Get Lost. Blending American Football-esque twinkles with multiple harmonizing guitar lines, accentuated by the subdued vocals of guitarists Mathieu Lachapelle and Jonathan Cadotte, the band have crafted a set of songs that cycle through a number of interesting sonic textures while maintaining a cohesive beautiful ambience throughout.
La Querelle experiment with the pacing of each song on this record to create an incredibly effective ebb and flow effect throughout. Slow burning opener "Spin Me Like We Were Kids" adds layers of reverb-soaked guitars as the song progresses, ending on a particularly powerful note, while "I Will Battle Out The War" crescendos from the start, reaching its peak in the middle of the song before dropping off into glossy layered riffs and E-bow harmonies.
La Querelle have demonstrated their knack for melody and their ability to write songs that effectively hold the attention of listeners with this set, through both unconventional structuring and apparent attention to detail.

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