La Jr La Jr

Judging by the slow, bass-driven beats, hushed hi-hats and soft-spoken vocals, these interesting Spaniards have been playing the hell out of their Slint and For Carnation records. Fittingly, folks who love those previous two bands will find much delight in this disc, as La Jr actually do a very serviceable job that stamps enough individuality on their songs to keep it from total plagiarism. While other slow post-rock bands don’t care about their song length, La Jr pack their sparse haunting bass hymns into tight pop song length and it does some disservice. "Hilos Tendidos De Alta Tension” could do with a bit more patience because it never seems to fully bloom into the song it wants to be, and the same goes for "Me Debes Fusilar,” which would definitely benefit from its groove being allowed to meander and bloom. Luckily, some bright spots emerge and definitely perk the ears, as "Las Dos En La Nave” gets the job done just right. Fully blossomed and packed with the most confident delivery, this will easily delight fans of their obvious influences. While too close to Slint for some people’s comfort, La Jr still definitely warrant a listen for those with a sweet spot for that formidable band. (Acuarela)