La Chelsea Beat Mesdames Et Messieurs

Chelsea Beat are a sextet hailing from Montreal that make more sense in the '60s than they do right now. Everything one would expect from a garage act straight out of the '60s is present on this LP: staggering amounts of organ, trash-can fuzz and plenty of swagger. Mesdames Et Messieurs shuffles from English to French and for the most part, it's successful in both languages. To pay homage to their roots, Chelsea Beat place a number of covers on their debut. "Si Tu Reviens Chez Moi," by France's 5 Gentleman, is given a wonderful rendition. Modern production has allowed La Chelsea Beat to fill out the sound of garage classics, giving them an almost belligerent demeanour. Their original pieces in the French language, such as "Les Éléphants Alcooliques," are easily the standouts, evoking just the right amount of influence and ingenuity. Mesdames Et Messieurs is a rollicking example of '60s-influenced pop, but La Chelsea Beat rarely delve into their more original aspects; however, that's not the point. (Killer Diller)