Kyp Harness All Her Love

After toiling for more than a decade in relative obscurity, this album seems more than a welcome invitation for a wider audience to discover the brilliance that is Harness's way with a song. Mostly known in the past for his dense Dylan-esque social commentary, All Her Love instead emphasises his romantic side with the results veering closer to Dylan's late '60s countrified period. Not many writers outside of Harness's circle have the skills to produce something as to-the-point as "That's Why I Made My Vow To You" or as poignantly vivid as "Hometown." The album overall is a celebration of life's golden moments, with loose backing from old compatriots Ron Sexsmith, Bob Snider, Bob Wiseman and others only adding to the immediately infectious aspects of the material. While some long-time Harness fans might find All Her Love watered-down in comparison to his previous releases, at no time has his voice sounded warmer or his outlook more invigorating. That voice still takes some getting used to, but this album is the perfect place to start. (Porter Beach)