Kylie "2 Hearts"

Kylie '2 Hearts'
How fabulous it was to get the world's best pop star back in form after battling and defeating cancer over the last couple of years. Hell, even while she was recovering, Kylie Minogue was multi-tasking many different projects, including the launch of a perfume (Darling), a children's book (The Showgirl Princess), a forthcoming documentary (White Diamond), and the continuation of her Showgirl tour, not to mention the writing and recording of the solid X, her first album in four years. "2Hearts" is a corker of a comeback single. Never before has Kylie been so rock-oriented and erm, blonde. Written and produced by unknown UK electro pop act Kish Mauve (expect them to capitalise big time from this), it doesn¹t have the immediate hook of say, "Can¹t Get You Out of My Head" or that slow-burning cool of "Slow," but come the third or fourth listen, it'll grab you and hit you like a big kiss on the smacker. Oozing with sex appeal, Kylie is in peak form here, with a seductive voice that smoulders over a Scissor Sisters-ish piano gallop and a backing vocal ("wooooooo!") that I'm guessing the peppy owls in OutKast's "Ms. Jackson" video spit. But how about the video?! Miss Minogue assumes the blonde bombshell role, rolling around on stage, serenading a diamond encrusted mic that could pass for Damien Hirst's $100 million skull. As always, it gets feverish. A welcome return for a darling who continues to keep our hearts fluttering.