Kristian, Shalabi, St-Onge Kristian, Shalabi, St-Onge

A spartan free improv recording comprised of an upright bass and oud synthesis; dark, eerie and highly listenable, as long as one does so carefully. The pieces on this album are very delicate, sometimes merely comprised of a dissonant pluck of a string or the hum of an acoustic bass, which materialises from an existential vacuum of silence. This recording is like walking into a too clean and too brightly lit art gallery, where the works are displayed amidst stark white walls, making you pay attention to every detail. There are no discernible melodies per se in this piece, and contrary to most improvised recordings, Kristian, Shalabi, St-Onge is not noisy; more like filled with spectral murmurings. All the musicians involved are well known and respected in improv music circles and this work justifies the esteem. An excellent recording. (Alien8)