Kreng's 'Cooties' Score Gets Vinyl Release from Death Waltz

Kreng's 'Cooties' Score Gets Vinyl Release from Death Waltz
After a bit of teasing, Death Waltz Recording Company has officially confirmed that it is pressing up vinyl copies of the soundtrack to recent, child virus-themed horror-comedy Cooties. The wax release behind Kreng's original score goes up for sale on Wednesday (November 11).

Kreng (a.k.a. Belgian composer Pepijn Caudron) will have his synth-styled score arriving on "Chicken Nugget & Blood Splatter vinyl," as well as standard black wax. Death Waltz calls the work a "modern synth score with a very distinct personality" and notes that Kreng bypasses John Carpenter worship by threading in plenty of organic instrumentation around his keyboard tones.

Jay Shaw's artwork, which you can see up above, had popped up earlier this year as one of Mondo's fancy poster releases. As for the music, you can give a sampler of its sounds a spin over here. CD and digital copies had gone up for sale earlier this year via Milan.

In related news, this Wednesday also sees the commercial release of Mondo's Black Swan soundtrack, which had gone up for sale in limited quantities during last September's MondoCon in Austin. The double-LP release preserves composer Clint Mansell's score for the ballet-centred psycho-drama, with one platter arriving on "Clear Vinyl with White swirl" and the other on "Clear Vinyl with Blue & Black Swirl."

On the packaging side of things, the Black Swan score comes with exclusive cover art from Sam Wolfe Connelly, with an interview with Mansell also packaged in the liner notes.