Kreesha Turner Tropic Electric

Kreesha Turner's sophomore release showcases a dramatically different sound from her 2008 debut, Passion. Tropic Electric combines R&B, electronica and pop with the influence of dancehall and reggae – a nod to her Jamaican-Canadian upbringing. Turner's two-disc offering contains ten ultra-radio-friendly hits, commencing with the oh-so-catchy "Rock Paper Scissors." On the tropical side, Kreesha headed to Kingston, Jamaica to record her music in the culture that inspired her to take to the stage initially. On "My Kryptonite" and "I Feel My Darling," Nastassja Hammond (daughter of reggae icon Beres Hammond) and a handful of other notable Jamaican producers showcase their ability to nurture the necessary ingredients for worldwide pop stardom. On the electric side, Turner collaborates with top-notch production teams in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Toronto, fusing her Jamaican influences with edgy, metropolitan energy. The result is the sweet, soul-infused "I Could Stay" and pop-house anthem "Killer in the Club." Turner's been dubbed the Canadian Rihanna in the past and it's no surprise why. With the release of Tropic Electric, Turner is more likely to defy comparisons than invite them. (EMI)