Kreayshawn Reveals Title for Debut Full-length

Kreayshawn Reveals Title for Debut Full-length
Bay Area rapper Kreayshawn has revealed the title of her debut Columbia Records full-length, which will be called Somethin' Bout Kreay.

"Im so excited for this album #somethinboutkreay it sounds so eclectically intriguing and multi-influenced AND BAY BITTTCH!#KREAYDAY," she tweeted.

Since last night (February 28), the "Gucci Gucci" spitter has hinted that she's wrapping up recording sessions for the set, explaining that she's about to record some interludes. She also answered questions posed from Twitter followers about album promotion, clarifying that she hasn't done any photo shoots for Somethin' Bout Kreay, but she is working on some videos. The rapper has a background in film, so there could be some self-directed clips on the way.

The album had previously prepped for a late 2011 release, but so far there is no word on when Somethin' Bout Kreay will drop.

While new tunes have yet been delivered by Kreayshawn in 2012, the performer made headlines earlier this year for an online beef with Azealia Banks and also for a GQ piece that outlined how her White Girl Mob entourage are always around to root her on during a bathroom break.