Korn Wrote a New Album in Quarantine

"It's like an act of god to get us all together to do anything," says Jonathan Davis
Korn Wrote a New Album in Quarantine
After being forced to drop plans for their massive co-headlining tour with Faith No More last year over pandemic restrictions, Korn have now revealed they've been using their downtime to make an entirely new album.

Frontman Jonathan Davis shared the good news in conversation with Kerrang!, explaining that the group have just finished writing enough new material to record their follow-up to 2019's The Nothing.

He revealed: "We just got done writing a record!"

"The band is in different spots all over the place now, too," Davis continued. "I'm in Bakersfield, a couple of guys are in L.A. and a couple of guys are in Nashville. It's like an act of god to get us all together to do anything. We have to plan that all out! I'm sure there are a bazillion other bands with new music to release, too. In the meantime, let's just go out, play live and have some fun!"

The news comes just as Korn are set to perform their livestream concert, Korn: Monumental, from inside a drive-in Stranger Things exhibit in Los Angeles. While the band's traditional touring options have been dashed for the near future, they'll go live globally this Saturday (April 24) from the California stage at 4 p.m. ET.

So far, it remains unclear if they will perform any of their new material at the event. However, the show may mark the live debut for some of their 2019 material, as the band have yet to run through a full tour in support of The Nothing.

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