Korn: "We Were Dubstep Before There Was Dubstep"

Korn: 'We Were Dubstep Before There Was Dubstep'
On December 6, Korn will effectively put the final nail in the coffin of dubstep with the release of The Path of Totality, their dubstep album that features collaborations with Skrillex, Excision, Datsik and others. But while some may blame the nu-metal cheeseballs for co-opting their genre, frontman Jonathan Davis claims they've been down with the wobbly bass this entire time.

Stereogum points to a WTF-worthy interview that Davis did with Billboard, where he claimed, "We were dubstep before there was dubstep. Tempos at 140 with half-time drums, huge bassed-out riffs. We used to bring out 120 subwoofers and line them across the whole front of the stage, 60 subs per side. We were all about the bass."

But wait, it gets so much worse.

"It's really cool to see glow sticks at the show, to see dance music culture infiltrating and becoming one with the metal community," Davis continued. "At the last show, there was one mosh pit where they were moshing, and another with kids doing glow stick tricks. They were taking turns and shit. I think we've opened up a new style that both sides are happy with."

Wherever he is right now, a single tear is running down James Blake's silky-smooth cheek.