"Take Me"

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Oct 11, 2016

Unless you're siding with the Cavalera brothers for the big Sepultura/Korn beef that's been cooking of late, it's time to listen to the latter project's latest The Serenity of Suffering single. Featuring some detuned chord damage and Jonathan Davis's familiar, unsettling vocal melodies is "Take Me."

The song fits into the uncomfortably melodic side of Korn's catalogue, beginning with a percussive and atonal lead riff before wandering off into a foggy corn maze of snare plaps, unfurled six-string riffery and Davis presenting himself as the numbing remedy to all that ails you. The track kicks up the groove in the chorus with a hummable hook.

Should you want it, you can take in Korn's "Take Me" down below. The Serenity of Suffering is due out on October 21 via Roadrunner.

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