BY Chris GramlichPublished Dec 1, 1999

Just as the animated images of Korn’s last hit single, “Freak on a Leash,” has faded from both the public’s collective short-term memory and the soothing, cathode rays of television’s basking, warm, goodness, the sequel appears (“Falling Away From Me”) to remind us that no, Korn’s moment in the sun isn’t over yet. Call it prolific, call it a desperate attempt to remain in the public eye, but Korn have rushed back into the studio after the massive success of Follow The Leader to churn out a rather rushed album to appease all the fans that turned to Limp Bizkit to satiate their appetite for the rock-rap-metal hybrid. Much like Life is Peachy, Issues is a rush job that has its moments, but for the most part is content to repackage Korn’s original sound in an attempt to win back all the die-hards they lost with the more palatable Follow The Leader while keeping the legions they gained along the way. It seems that the easiest way to soothe a savage beast is to throw fortune and fame at it (look at Trent Reznor) and while they’re not the young, hungry band they used to be, they still are a damn sight better than their imitators.

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