Kooks Junk of the Heart

The Kooks aren't very interesting. After the success of their debut album, fuelled by the hype machine of the British music press, they've settled into making the kind of bland music that will ensure the lack of their name in the annals of music history. And if that is the case, Junk of the Heart is the right album at the right time. In their defence, the band have attempted to stretch their horizons for album number three. Singer Luke Pritchard claims he took inspiration from Lykke Li and LCD Soundsystem when writing the 12 songs here, not that you'll notice. Instead, this is just more of the Beatlesque pop they've done in the past, albeit with some succinctness and an air of melancholy that definitely works in the band's favour. However, the songs are dull and so generic that Junk of the Heart could very well be the final nail in the Kooks' coffin. (EMI)