Konradsen Allow Listeners to Live Vicariously Through Them on 'Rodeo No. 5'

Konradsen Allow Listeners to Live Vicariously Through Them on 'Rodeo No. 5'
The short and sweet Rodeo No. 5 from Konradsen is a collection of soft, soulful songs. The Norwegian duo, made up of vocalist-pianist Jenny Marie Sabel and multi-instrumentalist Eirik Vildgren, have created a unique listening experience through the fusion of several genres they are inspired by. The EP is reminiscent of an indie coffee shop soundtrack with a mix of R&B sounds coming together to make an eclectic genre of its own. 

"Christoff" features samples of voices from the duo's community, layered with mellow brass. This dreamy track captures fragments of their life that listeners live through vicariously. It gives you a sense of nostalgia from a story that has been re-told through Konradsen's music. "This EP is focused on fleeting, immediate moments — trying to capture the raw fragments that drift by in everyday life," Sabel and Vildgren explain in a press release. 

Sabel's timeless vocals on tracks like "Rodeo No. 5," "Give It Back to the Feelings" and "The Year Is Over" are paired with horn arrangements that will make listeners feel the same way as feeling the sun on your skin: warm, comforting and calm. 

Rodeo No. 5 is only a five-track EP, but you soon start to take notice that all the tracks begin to fuse into one. Although that may be the point, the duo says the album is meant to feel open and loose, "something in between a song and an interlude," they say, a place where you can get lost.  (Cascine)