Kompakt's Wolfgang Voigt Resurrects Profan Label

Kompakt's Wolfgang Voigt Resurrects Profan Label
For over a decade, the Kompakt label has prided itself on bringing minimal house and ambient techno to the masses, most notably through the Pop Ambient compilations. Prior to launching Kompakt, however, label head Wolfgang Voigt ran Profan, a similar imprint with an even more experimental bent.

 As Kompakt has continued, Profan has been mostly inactive. In the '00s, the label only had one release. Now, Voigt has revealed that he plans to resurrect the imprint with two planned releases, both from his projects.

 First, the label will release Abweichung, a new four-song EP from Voigt's SOG project. According to Resident Advisor, the album is "rigid and prodding, with soothing splashes of classical music popping in at unexpected moments." Expect Abweichung to be released on February 22.

Following the SOG release, Voigt will be releasing an art book and double CD under his name. While little is known about the release, we can report that it will be called Werkschau, and will be released sometime later this year.

After 17 years in existence, Profan still doesn't have its own website. The label's section on the Kompakt site lists some releases, and reads "Bio will follow soon, maybe never." A better idea to stay updated on these upcoming releases would be to keep checking Kompakt itself.