Komet Gold

Prior to this review I had never heard of Komet nor listened to any of his prior releases so it is difficult to give a heartfelt opinion on his worth as an artist. Don’t get it twisted though, that’s not a criticism but some things should be best left to the artist to describe. As the insert to the album has so eloquently put it, "dry, laconic deep-sound/hi-hat combinations set the beat, interspersed with intermittent calculated breaks.” This is a minimalist album with lyrics few and far between, if at all; and virtually no bass line. An intermittent percussion accompaniment is the dominant feature in each song. Given its indiscernible sound it’s a more arduous task than meets the eye. For review sakes, it would be most appropriate to say that Gold is a pulse matched to an electronic mathematically calculated rhythm. It’s not for everyone but given the above context its point should be clearer. (Raster-Noton)