Kitty "Hittin Lixx" (video)

Kitty 'Hittin Lixx' (video)
Kitty (née Kitty Pryde) is once again popping into our lives today via a new clip for the track "Hittin Lixx," which will apparently figure into her new album Flower Violence.

For the syrup-slow track, the visuals find a bloody-nosed Kitty and her crew engaging in a session of smashing-shit, taking out light bulbs, bottles and the like.

While you can watch the violence-packed vid below, unfortunately we don't know much about Flower Violence, which Kitty has simply teased on her Tumblr by posting up some teary visuals, the title and some looping sound samples, stating it will be out in "winter."

For now, watch the video for "Hittin Lixx" below.