Kitty "285"

Kitty '285'
The closing of New York all-ages venue 285 Kent last month apparently hit Kitty pretty hard, as the rapper has unleashed a tribute track to the now-gone show space fittingly called "285."

Produced by PinkiePieSwear, the track initially pipes in some waterfall-trickle new age synths along with some airy ahhs from Kitty, but the track soon bustles into a glitzy arrangement of house-styled beats and a fast-rapped admission that "all I want to do is make you dance to this." The bubble-gum hook has Kitty reluctantly singing about the end of an era ("we say goodbye, I guess / I will see you around") before an ambient dial tone brings things to a gentle close.

While the song is a shout-out to the venue, Kitty also said in a statement that the track goes out "2 this one cute boy who gave me all the feelings i needed 2 write it."

You can check out the heartfelt house-rap track down below.