Kiss Get Mr. Potato Makeover

Kiss Get Mr. Potato Makeover
Just in case you thought the world wasn't an absurd place, check this out: Kiss will get their very own series of Mr. Potato Head dolls in July.

Admittedly, Promotional Partners' little renditions of the Starchild, the Catman, the Demon and the Spaceman are pretty darn cute. And, in what must be at least one basement-dwellers long-time fantasy, you can mix and match the heads and bodies. Ah, yes: Gene's mug on Ace's frame. Finally.

We're left wondering if the Spaceman potato head will puke and mumble incoherently or if the Demon will embarrass the rest of the band with his self-aware obnoxiousness.

But we're not wondering if the members of Kiss are dirty rotten filthy stinking rich (they are) or if Kiss fans will buy anything (they will).

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the heads-up.