Kirk Degiorgio Presents As One Elegant Systems

Falling quickly on the heels of last year’s underrated gem Out of Darkness, Kirk Degiorgio bypasses that album’s genre-jumping for a more succinct (if ultimately less interesting) musical vision. The veteran UK producer, now signed to a French label, actually intended this to be a throwback to his early releases for his own A.R.T. (Applied Rhythmic Technology) imprint, though his focus on the mellower side of Detroit techno doesn’t sound overly retro. It does, however, sound organic, melodic and yes, even elegant — meaning the record could easily be dismissed as background music for electro-yuppies. Calling it "dreamy electronica” on the Versatile website, rather than the somewhat more apt "ambient techno” certainly doesn’t help. But Degiorgio’s detailed production offers a warm expansiveness that works in tandem with the tight beats and besides, there’s nothing wrong with relaxing mood music. I tested it out and even Elegant’s more up-tempo tracks are perfect for cottage country. (Versatile)