The Kinks to Reunite?

The Kinks to Reunite?
Rumours of a possible tour and new recording from the four original members of British rock pioneers the Kinks – Ray and Dave Davies, Mick Avory and Pete Quaife – may very well come to fruition in 2008. But this depends on whom you choose to believe.

Daily Mail has quoted Ray as saying, "I spoke to Quaife about a month ago and he dearly wants to make another record with me. I think Dave's getting better (recovering from his 2004 stroke) and Mick's still playing. It would be great to get back together just to see what musical ideas we had and what would happen."

Dave, however, wasn’t as eager to re-open the well-documented and volatile working relationship with his older brother. In a November 2007 posting on the message board of his website in response to the rumors, Dave seemed unforthcoming at best to get the band back together:

"I wouldn't mind or rather consider doing some shows with Ray purely in respect for the great body of work we have both been fortunate to have been involved in over the years. And for the fans of course. And the money don't forget the money Reg, remember what it used to be like before the money, Reg. But to sit in a room or studio with him and have my brain and heart slowly sucked out... no friggin thank you."

Reunion or no reunion, The Kinks’ new box set, Retrospective, is slated for release sometime this year.

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