Kings of Convenience Finally Delivering Their Declaration of Dependance

Kings of Convenience Finally Delivering Their <i>Declaration of Dependance</i>
It's been five whole years since their second album, Riot on an Empty Street, was released, but now it appears that Norwegian indie folk duo the Kings of Convenience will finally break their silence with a brand new album. As we recently told you, the band have been at work on the record for awhile, and they've now finally released some concrete info about its release.

Titled Declaration of Dependance, the record is due out on October 20 from Virgin Records. The album contains 13 tracks, all of which were recorded across Europe. The writers at Billboard have heard the record, and call it "more stripped-down than either of its predecessors, with a host of the tracks consisting of nothing more than voice and acoustic guitar."

Billboard also mention that the band are eyeing 2010 for a North American tour.

Declaration of Dependance:

1. "24-25"
2. "Mrs. Cold"
3. "Me in You"
4. "Boat Behind"
5. "Rule My World"
6. "My Ship Isn't Pretty"
7. "Renegade"
8. "Power of Not Knowing"
9. "Peacetime Resistance"
10. "Freedom and Its Owner"
11. "Scars on Land"
12. "Second to Numb"
13. "Riot on an Empty Street"