King Tuff 'Coastal Frequencies' (live video)

King Tuff 'Coastal Frequencies' (live video)
The trippy, throwback garage rock vibes of King Tuff (a.k.a. Kyle Thomas) have been winning over fans and critics alike, especially with the release of this year's Black Moon Spell. His raucous live show touched down in Vancouver a couple months back, and for those who couldn't make it — or for those who want to relive the fun — we've got concert footage from the gig.

The clip is the latest instalment in the Exclaim! co-presented Coastal Frequencies series and was shot at Vancouver's Fortune Sound Club on October 23.

In it, we see Thomas and his band plow through "Freak When I'm Dead," "Black Moon Spell" and "Beautiful Thing" on a stage patriotically decorated with miniature Canadian flags. We'll chalk that one up to the Vermont-born rocker's mutual pride in maple syrup production.

His set was anything but syrupy, however, delivering straight-up, fuzzed-out rock'n'roll, and you can see some footage from the show, as well as a quick interview with Thomas, in the player below.

Coastal Frequencies is presented in partnership with Become the Media and Prairie Coast Films.