King of Rocksprings The Milkman vs. the Postman Problem

When Scott Sosebee moved to NYC, he most likely didn't know that in six years, the move would affect him enough to write an EP subtitled "a comedy in five parts." The notion of his band has been around for about ten years now, but Sosebee had been busy with countless bands in Georgia, as well as tragic injuries after falling from a trapeze rig. Now, he's better than ever and has focused on his boy problems for this EP. Sosebee turns problems into play in songs such as "The Perfect Guy," which jauntily details fictional romps around the city, and the collar tug of "How to be a Stalker." Sosebee brings a light baritone, one he's still finding ways to push to its limits. Trumpets, trombones, "sha la las" and a common beat from a list of backup musicians definitely help the EP. Together, they've all found a way to laugh at the past and make enjoyable music out of it. (Independent)