King Khan & The Shrines The Supreme Genius of King Khan & The Shrines

King Khan & The Shrines The Supreme Genius of King Khan & The Shrines
King Khan & the Shrines belong to the golden age of rock’n’roll. And your heart should belong to them. The Supreme Genius of King Khan & The Shrines compiles the hottest, sweatiest, smelliest tracks ever to be served up by these Deutschland-by-way-of-Montreal rock’n’rollers. These cats are best known for their positively kinetic live shows and the song order and selection of this compilation do everything to keep a party in your pants. The organ, tambourines and vocals on "(How Can I Keep You) Outta Harm’s Way” sound so much like ’60s garage rock that it’s hard to believe it’s not authentic. "Torture” and "Burnin’ Inside” are similarly catchy and trashy. King Khan’s vocals are spot-on throughout, especially when he howls as if his little life depended on it on tracks like "Sweet Tooth.” There’s nary a cold fish to be found in this sea of blistering rave-ups, shake-ups and throwdowns. It’s a hell of a shame that powerhouse tune "Le Fils Du Jacques Dutronc” from What Is!? was omitted from The Supreme Genius, but when they’re all winners, you can’t lose.

You've rocked many an international ear. Which city has given King Khan and the Shrines the most love?
King Khan: One my favourite cities for the Shrines has got to be St. Felieu in Spain. There was an old man at the show who loved collecting soul records since he was a kid. He inherited a huge Spanish castle right on the beach from his family. The castle was so big, he could never live in it ’cause it would cost too much. Anyway, he came to the show and flipped out and was so happy that we played the music that we did. He bought all our records, drove back home, got the keys to his castle and wanted us to all spend a night in it. It was unbelievable. We drank wine all night and all had our own rooms — felt haunted in a good way. Then waking up and having just a window between you and the ocean — it was like one of those dreams that make you smile for days after.

On a scale of zero to ten, where does The Supreme Genius of King Khan and the Shrines stack up to other greatest hits collections?
I bought a Tang collection from Quebec City with lots of nice classic rock’n’roll stuff on it. Compared to that comp, this one is a definite 9.47. Tiens ton Tang! Tiens ton Khan! Vive le Quebec porno!

Who is King Khan’s Fay Wray?
Cat Power.

Please share your thoughts on the recent passing of Bo Diddley.
Well, on the day he passed, my sister had a baby boy, so I think celebration is always the best way to commemorate the dead, that or procreation. Bo Diddley will never die; he will always be my king! Some of the toughest songs in the history of rock’n’roll — "cobra snake for a necktie, brand new chimney way on top made of human skulls. C’mon now Arlene, give Bo a great big kiss!”

Montreal garage combo the Gruesomes are getting back together. Will there ever be a Spaceshits reunion?
If there is, I am sure Bobby Beaton would be too chicken to show up [laughs]. Actually, I loved that "Yeah” song when I was a little kid and the video was cool, too. I think that Andre [Ethier] from the Deadly Snakes had the best reunion plan: wait 20 years, get a whole new line-up and put out a record called All Washed Up. If Andre does that, then the Spaceshits will be there and we can tour together again and play at the Lions Club and Johnny Poor will make a comeback and then we will all eat oysters and get hepatitis extra and die. The end.

How must one appropriately prepare oneself for a live King Khan show?
Rub raw onion and basil all over your body. Oh shit, that is how to get rid of scabies! I would say fill your pockets up with cash to throw onstage. I once went to a strip club in Atlanta and a stripper asked if I was from a band and when I said "Yeah,” she said that if I had some music she would go up and dance. I ran and got the King Khan & BBQ Show CD from the car and they played "Shake Real Low” and then two black strippers started doing buttsnaps on stage and going all out. As if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, the girl I was with named Jessica Jugs (she is South American) got so excited that she just ran up and started taking her clothes off in front of the stage on the floor. She got completely butt naked and all the ballers with golden teeth rolled to the front and showered her with money. Best day of my life! Wait, what was your question again?

Is Atlanta the Montreal of the USA?
Yes, and down there they say Montreal is the dirty, dirty south of Canada. I guess that makes Toronto the Ottawa of the prairies. What the hell are prairies? Who is Ottawa? Why is Toronto on the map? Oh yeah, ’cause of the Pepsi Power Hour. Why don’t the Demons Claws own the Oilers? Why don’t I just go to bed already? Good night! (Vice)