King Cannibal Murder Us / Virgo

The new EP from the Southeast London electro-rap group is one of the sexiest items of the year. Brazen beats, filthily French lyrics and an industrial-style backbone make the three tracks very danceable material. Bordering on the trance side of things, "Gods of War" knows how to incorporate jungle-like intensity with a digital ferocity that's sure to fit well in any urban setting. Final track "Murder Us" brings to mind the organic throbbing typical of Trent Reznor's remixes but with a refreshing touch of Daedelus' experimental, scientific-like exploration of synthscapes. The mantra of "murder us" is repeated several times, reeking of desperation, but finds itself at a higher point when the reggae-styled rap kicks in. "Virgo f/Face a Face" is an instrumental remix of the previous song but is surprisingly poppy, melodic and increasingly accessible. (Ninja Tune)