Kim Kardashian Explains Delay of Kanye West's "No Parties in LA"

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jan 17, 2016

G.O.O.D. Friday came and went last week without the release of a new Kanye West song, perhaps calling into question how much new music we'll be hearing from the rapper ahead of the release of Swish next month. West's wife Kim Kardashian has stepped in to explain the delay, though, noting that the rapper has been working overtime on both his music and his fashion line.

Kardashian had tweeted a couple of weeks ago that Yeezy would be reviving his weekly singles series, with West's "Real Friends" having been posted online shortly thereafter. The track also tacked on a preview of a song called "No Parties in LA" that featured guest bars from Kendrick Lamar. Many had expected the full version to arrive this past Friday (January 15), but obviously it didn't.

Kardashian used her Twitter account to explain that West has been in Italy, working on his Yeezy Season fashion line. The good news, for music fans, is that producer Noah Goldstein was apparently flown out so that they could finish "No Parties in LA." The single also features production work from Madlib. It's unclear when "No Parties in LA" will actually be offered up in full. Regardless of whether the song arrives as another "G.O.O.D. Fridays" special, West's Swish is expected to hit stores February 11.

You can hear "Real Friends" and the snippet of "No Parties in LA" down below.


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