Kim Gordon Announces Body/Head Album 'Coming Apart'

Kim Gordon Announces Body/Head Album 'Coming Apart'
Kim Gordon's been very busy since the split up of Sonic Youth, pouring lots of energy into her new project Body/Head. Now, the group have announced a new LP to be released on Matador Records.

The new record is called Coming Apart. According to a press release, it's the band's most traditional sounding work yet. "They have even started writing and playing 'songs' now, compositionally distinct from their purely aleatory origins, but still featuring lots of built-in improvisational space," the PR reads.

Speaking with Stereogum, Gordon described how she and collaborator Bill Nace made the album with the following statement:

Well, we set up in a, kind of a big-ish room, and just played … basically we just played a lot together and then went through and edited things, picked the pieces we wanted to use for the record, and then went back and did some overdubs on some of the songs. I redid vocals on a few songs with a mic that was actually good and then put that through an amp. Actually, there's very little editing on the final recordings.

Coming Apart will be available on September 10 as a CD, double LP and digital download. The album's artwork is available above.