The Kills' Tour Bus and Bus Driver Stolen!

The Kills' Tour Bus and Bus Driver Stolen!
Once again, it appears a band has fallen victim to theft on the road, but this time the group isn’t minus their gear but rather their entire tour bus and driver. According to a online posting by the Kills, the UK duo are now minus their bus and the man who drives it, and they have been for three days now.

The Kills reported that their method of transportation was last seen at Los Angeles International Airport a few days ago. The bus was supposed to meet up with the group in Austin, TX on Sunday (September 28) but neither it nor its driver showed up. Luckily, though, all the Kills’ gear wasn’t onboard and had been safely stashed away on another vehicle.

Obviously, the Kills are eager to figure out what happened and are urging anyone with any information about the vanishing act to contact them. The bus has the Tennessee licence plate 0305 EA, is described as black with grey stripes and with a big "Z” on the back. The missing driver’s name is Brian Berkenkemper.

If you have any information, you are urged to call Nick, the Kills guitar tech and stage manager, at 313-605-2505 or email [email protected] or [email protected].

How can three tons of black metal vanish into thin air? Like the Kills, we’re wondering the same thing.

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