Killingflaw Politician

Hailing from Victoria, BC, this independent three-piece group produces a dark and brooding sound leaning more towards rock yet maintaining an effective synth presence. The vocals, supplied by Kelly Hudson, achieve a raw sound that breaks free from cute or seductive stereotypes. Offering a pleasurable alternative from the mainstream monotony, the group accentuates influences ranging from punk to goth. Here dark music does not have to rely on ridiculously complicated composition in order to be effective — a fact emphasised with the playfully clumsy "Taste Me” to their haunting "Lay Down World.” Unfortunately, the album’s rough edges are not always charming, and for future projects their recorded efforts would benefit from a higher quality of sound. Flaws aside, the music presented here alludes that this band would put on a great live performance. Anyone in the Victoria/Vancouver side of the country looking for a tenebrous musical experience will want to keep an eye out for future Killingflaw shows. (Independent)