The Killers "Joel, the Lump of Coal" (ft. Jimmy Kimmel) (video)

The Killers 'Joel, the Lump of Coal' (ft. Jimmy Kimmel) (video)
It's been a year since Vegas pop rock act the Killers shared their last Christmas single. Since it's an annual tradition, they're back with another festive hit.

"Joel, the Lump of Coal" is a slow-burning, '70s-style rock anthem about, well, a lump of coal named Joel. The band perform it on a hilariously kitschy Christmas set, while Jimmy Kimmel provides the voice of Joel.

Since he was involved with the song, Kimmel debuted its video on his television show. Along with the song itself, which starts at the 5:17 mark, the video includes plenty of humourous behind-the-scenes footage of the Killers hanging out with the television personality.

Watch "Joel, the Lump of Coal" below. The song is also available now on iTunes, with proceeds going towards the Product (RED) charity.